Awesome Guy
I was involved in a very difficult lawsuit and was very stressed out about finding the right representation. I spoke to many potential attorneys and absolutely made the right choice. James worked out a deal that was totally in my favor. They were tough days. He was personally concerned and an all around great guy and attorney. He would be the first person I called if I needed such services again.
- 5.0 stars


From a Non-Profit Corporation
We retained James for a very difficult suit against a major university in NYS Supreme Court. We sued as representatives of a donor family looking to restore the donative intent of real estate gifted to the university in 1927. James and his associates guided us thru the process and buttressed our case using a PR firm that got us a half page news coverage in the NYTimes. Though we lost the case for lack of standing (despite a direct family connection to the donors) and chose not to appeal, we considered the action a moral victory which we continue to pursue by other means.
- 5.0 stars


Letter of Credit UCP 500 issue
The case is ongoing but he / they are very calm listing and good at what they do rather too good.
I would use them again and again.
I am stationed in London UK the case is in NY USA.
- 5.0 stars


Advice I trust
James has always provided sound advice, and clearly explains the relevant legal implications to a situation.
- 5.0 Stars


Great experience!
I worked with James & his firm on a case which lasted over a year. I had invested in a business & my capital disappeared almost immediately after investing. James helped me reach a settlement with the owner. Without his help, I'd have nothing. My biggest mistake was not listening to him on every point because he understood the parameters better than I did. He is extremely well spoken & has the ability to see the crux in matters very quickly. He pointed out issues & criteria that I'd never have imagined. I would highly recommend his services to anyone who is involved in a dispute or wants to create language to avoid a dispute. I'd also point out that he was willing to work within my budget.
- 5.0 stars



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