About DCL

At DCL, we work collaboratively with our clients – both individuals and businesses – to help them achieve their individual goals. We understand the issues that business owners, officers, directors and shareholders face – after all, DCL is a business and we operate this firm like a business, in a very entrepreneurial way. The representation we provide to businesses and individuals involves complex commercial law litigation, commercial bankruptcies, employment law matters and disputes, routine and out-of-the-ordinary transactional services, as well as immigration matters.

Attorneys Attentive to Your Concerns

Communication is vital for the effective resolution of any legal issue. Because of this, we make ourselves approachable and promptly address any inquiry you may have. We take the time to listen to you. Our mission is to allow for you to succeed by providing innovative, practical and high-value advocacy in commercial litigation (including employment litigation), bankruptcy and immigration representation.

We are a growing Manhattan firm with both the depth and breadth of experience of a large firm, with the ability to scale both the number of attorneys and other professionals needed, in any jurisdiction, for any given case. Our size allows us to work closely with you and accommodate all of your legal needs, both large and small. Our entire firm works together as a team. The knowledge and skills we possess allow us to resolve the largest and most complex legal issues. It is our approach to find a strategic and practical solution to your legal matter.

We represent businesses of all sizes, including sole proprietorships, partnerships, startup companies and corporations, and private and public companies based in the United States and abroad. The advice and guidance we provide to entrepreneurs allow them to find the best possible solution to local, national and international business matters.

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